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Create a WFH Commute Ritual
You might be asking “why on earth do I need a pretend commute when I’m already working from home?” First and foremost, a WFH (work-from-home) commute ritual helps create a clear separation between work and home life. It’s like drawing a line in ...
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Time Management Needs to Include Fun Stuff Too!
I manage my time around my energy levels. Then I schedule my tasks and priorities into my week and most importantly, I sprinkle in some fun!I have had a love-hate relationship with my to-do list ever since I started a wellness side hustle. I tend to ...
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49 One Sentence Tips for Living a Longer, Healthier and Happier Life
Sometimes I want my healthy living tips distilled into a quick, easy, and actionable format. I am guessing you might feel the same! As an integrative nutrition health and fitness coach with over 20 years of experience in living a healthy life (most...
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The Slow Morning Routine That Sets Me Up for Success Every Day
There are two camps — morning people who love being part of the 5 AM club and then those that burn the midnight oil.Me… I love early mornings, especially slow mornings!The concept of morning routines has become a cliché in recent times, with many peo...
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Boost Your Mental and Physical Health with These 10 Easy Micro Habits
The simple things can add up to the most magnificent results.I can confidently say that two goals that I have every single day are to feel happy and energized.I literally think about what I can do and what I can eat in a day to keep my energy levels ...
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30 Questions That Will Challenge You to Become Your Healthiest Self Yet
Do you know what your #1 asset is in your life? It's not your home, boat, or the money you have in the bank.It is YOU! In order to enjoy your monetary assets, your family, and all of the adventures and joy in life, optimizing your health can make it ...
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17 Delicious Superfoods to Add to Your Life Today for a Mega Nutritional Boost
I am a self-proclaimed superfood queen!Does that make you think of cardboard-tasting and utterly boring food?Hey, guess what? Superfoods can be delicious!As a health and nutrition coach, I want to convey the concept of a diet that prioritizes the con...
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A woman's hands with a blue pencil about to write affirmations in her journal.  A calming green plant sits on the desk along with a soothing candle.
Words of Wellness: 30 Powerful Health Affirmations to Write, Believe, and Manifest
"It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen." -Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali was a firm believer in the power of positive affirmations. By consistently repeating positiv...
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9 Motivational Quotes to Jumpstart Your Creativity When You're Feeling Low
I am sharing a brief blog post with some amazing quotes that might inspire something special in you today as they have me - enjoy!Blank page syndrome is at it again today. Whether it is writing or being creative at work (whatever work you do), have y...
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quote - you do not find the happy life.  you make it by Camilla Eyering Kimball
Happy Habits: How a Simple Daily Practice Can Bring More Joy to Your Life
We always make gratitude lists. What about adding a happy list too?Instead of making your daily gratitude list, what if we switch it up one day and make a daily happy list?Sure, these are similar, but gratitude tends to focus on the positive aspects ...
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women walking alongside the ocean cliffs in jeans and a long green jacket for article on walking benefits.
Health Coach Tip of the Week: 11 Reasons Why Your Body Will Thank You for Taking a 10-Minute Walk Every Day
If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your overall health and well-being, taking a 10-minute walk each day could be just the thing you need!Not only can it help to lower your blood pressure, improve your heart health, and reduce your risk of c...
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Organic Blueberries: Unveiling the Dirty Truth and Why You Need to Make the Switch
This beloved superfood is now #11 on the Dirty Dozen listFirst and foremost, always wash your produce before consuming it!I make it a habit to carry the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen list in my wallet so that I can reference them at the grocery store...
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Beets just pulled from the garden atop a granite countertop for beets article about health benefits and recipes.
Unbeetable Benefits: Discover the Surprising Health and Fitness Perks of Beet Roots!
Beets, those deep magenta wonders, are not only a colorful addition to your plate but also a nutritional powerhouse that deserves a place in your health and fitness routine.I started eating beets again about 10 years ago. I was on a hiatus from beets...
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The Surprising Benefits of Mindful Eating: A Beginner's Guide
Does your plate of food disappear way too quickly? Do you mindlessly devour your meals?You’re not alone…I find myself doing this all too often, which is why I am sharing this with you. I am not sure why I eat so fast, other than because my food ...
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woman shopping at grocery store trying to save money.  10 Tips for saving money while shopping for healthy food.
Smart Ways to Maintain a Nutritious Diet without Breaking the Bank: 10 Budget-Friendly Tips for Grocery Shopping
What is your current grocery budget like? Are you overspending most weeks? It is one of the easier things to overspend on — I can attest to that! I finally reigned in my grocery budget using these 10 tips. Take a look and see if you can save a few bu...
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