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Boost Your Mental and Physical Health with These 10 Easy Micro Habits

The simple things can add up to the most magnificent results.

I can confidently say that two goals that I have every single day are to feel happy and energized.

I literally think about what I can do and what I can eat in a day to keep my energy levels up.

I am a busy girl and I am guessing you are too!

I am working a demanding corporate job for which I was recently promoted. I also run a wellness business on the side and practice my own health and wellness routines on a daily basis. It makes for a busy (wonderful) day — I wouldn’t get as much done if I wasn’t being proactive about my energy levels.

I don’t feel energized every single day — shit happens. I am ok with that because I know that on a day when I feel low, it means I need to take care of myself and nurture my body and soul.

To give myself the best shot at feeling great mentally and physically, I follow some or all of these tips on a daily basis:

  1. Drink a big glass of water first thing in the morning (sometimes I add fresh lemon juice)
  2. Eat for energy: low sugar and high in nutrients foods (nix the processed and fried foods)
  3. Take a walk before work on your lunch break (sometimes after work too)
  4. Practicing deep breathing exercises for a few minutes each day (a beautiful way to fall asleep)
  5. Incorporate a few minutes of stretching or yoga into my daily routine (might save you from back pain)
  6. Eat a piece of fruit or veggie as a mid-morning snack (or throw them into a smoothie)
  7. Setting aside time (even just 5 minutes) to do something you enjoy. This is HUGE
  8. Prioritize getting 7–8 hours of sleep per night — so important for my energy levels
  9. Using positive affirmations — write them down and look at them throughout the day
  10. Practicing mindfulness or meditation for a few minutes each day

What would you add to this list? Reply in the comments and we can start a conversation!

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