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Create a WFH Commute Ritual

You might be asking “why on earth do I need a pretend commute when I’m already working from home?” 

First and foremost, a WFH (work-from-home) commute ritual helps create a clear separation between work and home life. It’s like drawing a line in the sand, except instead of sand, it’s a line between your professional and personal time.

By establishing this boundary, you’re telling your brain, “Hey, work mode is over and it’s time to shift gears and embrace relaxation mode.” I think we all need this!

This is beneficial to your health my WFH friends!

Creating a WFH commute ritual allows you to decompress and destress mentally. It’s like giving your brain a well-deserved vacation after a long day of zoom calls and email fires. 

This mental shift helps reduce burnout and prevents your work from infiltrating your precious leisure and personal time.

A pretend commute can be amazing for your physical well-being as well if you want it to be. Take a walk around the block, dance like nobody’s watching, or even do a little workout session. It gets your blood pumping and releases those happy endorphins.

And let’s not forget the importance of rituals themselves. They provide structure and routine, two things our brains love. Having a set ritual at the end of your workday establishes a sense of closure. 

It’s like a virtual high-five to yourself, acknowledging that you’ve conquered the work challenges and now it’s time to embrace the joys of home life.

Create your own commute ritual

Think about how you can create your own physical and mental separation between work and leisure.

A WFH commute ritual will help you to start your personal evening time with less stress.

Need some WFH commute ideas?

•Take a walk

•Brew a cup of your favorite tea and sit for 10–15 minutes doing nothing

•Do something creative


•Take a bath

•Call a friend or family

•Listen to a podcast or music



•Drive somewhere if you really need total separation

Embrace your WFH commute ritual. It may be a pretend commute, but its benefits are real. Give your brain a break and create that separation. Your mind, body, and overall well-being will thank you for it. 

Now go forth and commute…without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

OK, now you can start dinner!

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