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I’m Not Doing New Year's Resolutions for 2024 — I’m Doing 90-Day Goals Instead
2023 thus far has been pretty good. No one in my family died this year. Except, I did lose my cat. I can't think about it right now, else I will cry.I lost my dad and sister in 2020 (dad) and 2022 (sister). So the fact that we are all still al...
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Robert Frost quote
7 Quotes to Inspire a New Perspective on This Chaotic World
I was cheated on for years. I knew it, but I couldn’t prove it.I tried so hard to prove it.I was made to feel like I was crazy for thinking he was cheating on me.I finally had the proof a few years into the whole mess of infidelity. That felt good, b...
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self-love and confidence affirmations for women over 40
10 Self-Love and Confidence Affirmations for Women Over 40
One of my favorite things to do is to journal with affirmations. I write out the affirmation, then reflect on it and write about my reflections. It puts me in a beautiful state of serenity.Here are ten affirmations focused on self-love and body confi...
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Gabby Bernstein's Genius Trick to Improve Your Mood Fast: Choose the Next Best Feeling
Choosing the next best feeling when you are struggling can be a super-tool if you can harness its power.Gabby Bernstein taught me this through her books. It was life-changing.It helped me get through grief. It still does.It helps me forgive and to st...
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Flaxseeds for Better Hormone Health
At 48, I’ve been dealing with the ups and downs of perimenopause. Anxiety, weight gain, sleep disruption, irregular cycles, headaches, and more.If you’re in the same boat as me, you know what I’m talking about!There are a number of ways you can suppo...
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Mastering the Early Wake-Up: 7 Tips That Actually Work
This post talks about how to wake up early if you are not a morning person. So many people tell me that they want to wake up early so that they don't have to rush in the morning and so they can have some personal alone time. But...They have a very ...
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How to Build a Healthy Plate in 5 Steps
The top questions I get asked as a health and nutrition coach are:“What do I eat to get healthy?”or“What do I eat to lose weight?”or“What is nutritional yeast?”I am sort of kidding about the last one. Although sometimes people look at me sideways whe...
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The Ultimate Healthy Foods Cheatsheet: 100 Foods to Supercharge Your Health
Need some healthy food ideas? I got you!The top question I get from people who want to lose weight or have more energy is “What food should I eat?”.I often give out lists of healthy food options to friends and family, so I thought I would create a ch...
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20 Unique and Fun Wellness Hacks. You've Probably Never Heard These Before!
Cleaning and having fun at the same time? Can you imagine the thought of scrubbing the kitchen counters or vacuuming up all that dog hair with excitement instead of dread? See #2 in the wellness hacks list below and see if you can transform cleanin...
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nutritional yeast health benefits
Nutritional Yeast 101: Maximizing Nutrition and Taste in Your Diet
Are you part of the 'nooch' fan club?If you’re like me, nutritional yeast is a staple in your cupboard at all times.I am often surprised at how many people have no clue what it is.So, I am going to tell you what this delicious sprinkle is and wh...
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Happy Hormones, Happier You: 3 Daily Routines to Enhance Your Mood
Yep, we all have happy hormones in our body and there are things we can do on a daily basis to actually boost those hormones to improve our mood.Are you in for a daily mood boost?I am, and my hormones play a big role in that.Here’s a breakdown of our...
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Lemons for Life: Why You Should Be Getting More of This Citrus Fruit
Lemons are one of the most versatile fruits in the world. They can be used in cooking, salads, tea, and as a garnish for your favorite cocktails.Lemons are also incredibly healthy for you!Today, we’ll explore some of the health benefits of eating lem...
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Health Coach Tip: Mastering the 2-Minute Rule for a Head Start on Your Health Goals
Some great advice here using a James Clear concept.According to James Clear, author of “Atomic Habits,” the philosophy known as “the 2-minute rule” suggests that any task that can be completed in 120 seconds or less should be done now instead of putt...
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What Is Magnesium Good for, Exactly? (Plus Quinoa Salad Recipe)
Magnesium is a superhero nutrient that plays a crucial role in various bodily functions.This blog post explores the benefits of magnesium, how to ensure you are getting an adequate intake, and provides a recipe rich in magnesium.Sound good? Don't get...
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hydrating foods graphic
Top Hydrating Foods to Eat This Summer For Better Gut Health
Did you know that hydration is a key part of optimal gut health? Let me share why:The gut, also known as the gastrointestinal tract, plays a vital role in digestion and nutrient absorption. It's lined with a mucous membrane that needs to stay adequa...
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