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Gabby Bernstein's Genius Trick to Improve Your Mood Fast: Choose the Next Best Feeling

Choosing the next best feeling when you are struggling can be a super-tool if you can harness its power.

Gabby Bernstein taught me this through her books. It was life-changing.

It helped me get through grief. It still does.

It helps me forgive and to stress less. It helps me to be in the present moment.

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My experience with choosing the next best feeling

No matter how much I cry or feel despair when grief is at the forefront of my life, I have found that I can usually still find ‘the next best feeling’. You see, I lost my dad and sister within a year and a half of one another.

Seriously, how could this have happened?

I still ask myself that as I near the one-year anniversary of her death. What the hell could be the next best feeling after that?

It was there amidst tears and anguish.

It was gratitude for the love and close relationship we had.

We have an amazing family that came together when my dad died, and again when my sister died. A few hours after my dad went to heaven, I was finally on my way to get some sleep. I had been awake for more than a day at that point. I glanced into the kitchen and saw my sister and mom laughing…


The next best feeling at that moment was joy. Dad’s humor was still surrounding us and despite the raw grief, we still found laughter.

I got my phone out at that moment and took a picture of them without them knowing. Every time I look at that memory I feel the pure love of my dad and the strength of my family.

That right there is amazing and positive energy!

Finding the next best feeling can be used for any struggle. I use it all the time for struggles big and small.

It could be a day when everything is going wrong on the way to work. You spilled coffee on yourself. You can’t find your keys. You’re late for work. You feel defeated. This is when you’ve got to choose the next best feeling and change your energy. That might be gratitude that you have a job to go to. Or the memory of the quiet coffee time you had before spilling it — gratitude is an incredible energy.

About Gabby

Gabby Bernstein is a motivational speaker and bestselling author known for her book “Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.” She encourages readers to focus on positive thoughts and feelings, practice gratitude, and let go of limiting beliefs in order to manifest their dreams.

When you’re feeling down, it can be easy to get stuck in a negative mindset and continue to ruminate on negative thoughts. This only reinforces negative emotions and makes it harder to manifest positive outcomes or feelings. Even this low energy is contagious.

The key to breaking out of this cycle is to choose the next best feeling by shifting your focus to a more positive emotion. This can help change your energy and attract better experiences in the moment and in your life.

It is rooted in the law of attraction which states that like energy attracts like energy. By choosing to focus on positive emotions, you’re putting out positive energy into the world, which will attract positive experiences and outcomes.

You can use this tool too

Next time you are going through something difficult, stop and thank your bad feeling/thought for bringing you to this point of wanting to choose another feeling or thought. Then reflect and think of the next best feeling at that moment. Feel it deeply.

Did your energy shift? I think it probably did.