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Here’s How To Create Your 23 for 2023 Checklist Like Gretchen Rubin Does

Gretchen is an expert on happiness. Create your 23 for 2023 checklist to accomplish more of what YOU want this year.

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I promise this isn’t another serious goals or resolutions list!

I’ve been creating my yearly ‘sorta goals’ or rather ‘what I want to do this year’ list since 2019.

The idea behind creating this list is to focus on what is important to you, and make meaningful changes in your life.

It can be specific or vague. It is up to you!

Gretchen Rubin is a bestselling author and speaker who is known for her work on happiness and habits. One of her popular creations is the “23 for 2023” list, which is a checklist of 23 things that she encourages people to do in the year 2023 in order to improve their lives. The name of the list changes with the year (22 for 2022 for last year).

It can be as huge as buying a house or as simple as going to that restaurant you’ve been driving by for 6 months.

I personally try to get hyper-specific and I make sure the list is FUN!

I’ll share my list further on in the article.

How to create your own 23 for 2023 list

To create your goals/fun/what I want to do this year list, title your page: “23 for 2023”. I like to also choose a word for the year.

These things can be simple or challenging, one-time projects, a place you want to visit, or something you want to buy. Just consider what you want the new year to bring.

Think about the following as you make your list:

  • Reflect on what matters to you. Think about what you want to achieve in the next year and what values are important to you.
  • Set some specific, measurable and achievable goals/things you want to accomplish.
  • You might want to look at your list and prioritize the things that are most important to you. Focus on the ones that will have the biggest impact on your life.
  • You can also break each thing on the list down into smaller, actionable steps. Set deadlines if you prefer.
  • Remember to be flexible and remember that things may change and you may end up refining the list throughout the year.
  • It can be fun to share it with friends or family for support and accountability.
I am learning to become more vulnerable in what I share with online writing. This is my personal list for 2023. A little scary to share. But in the end, maybe it will inspire someone else to make their list and bring a bit of joy.

Melissa’s 23 for 2023 List

Word for 2023: Clarity

  1. Grow indoor herbs and lettuce greens in my hydroponic garden
  2. Create a healthy recipe/nutrition program
  3. Make $3500 from Wellness Lovely health and wellness business side hustle
  4. Get back into daily Ziva meditation and manifesting
  5. Let go of things that aren’t part of my growth: business and personal
  6. Get more serious about financial wellness for my future
  7. Double my 401k contribution and increase my savings deposit by 25% per month.
  8. Get consistent in engagement and posting on social media for audience growth by creating a workflow system
  9. Publish 100 articles on Medium
  10. Complete my website
  11. Visit 10 new towns in New York
  12. Start going to local group functions to network for health and wellness
  13. Become more educated on hormone health — complete the course I am enrolled in this year (Girls Gone Strong)
  14. Get back into meal prep and create weekly menus each week — post menu in the kitchen
  15. Plan a trip to Nashville (on the bucket list)
  16. Plan a trip to Colorado (daughter lives here)
  17. Plan a trip to Florida (other daughter lives here)
  18. Make extra money with reselling and POD
  19. Get some more shelving for meaningful knick-knacks in my house
  20. Host a workshop with my friend, Claudia about healthy food swaps
  21. Start exfoliating my face and doing hair treatments regularly
  22. For every other book I read, read a novel instead of all entrepreneur books
  23. Read The Food Lab and practice the skills I learn

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Once you create your list, I suggest printing it and putting it somewhere you can reference it often.

Review the list every month or every quarter. Then at the end of the year, you can check off what you accomplished. I truly enjoy reviewing my list at the end of the year. I don’t always check everything off the list, so I will add those items to next year’s list.

Get Gretchen’s template to create your 23 for 2023 list here!

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