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women in bathtub with roses

Health Coach Tip of the Week: Self-Care Isn’t Selfish. It’s a Non-Negotiable Part of Being Healthy

No more guilt for self-care my friends

women in a beautiful bath of flowers

Photo by Hanna Postova on Unsplash

Self-care is a buzzword at this time of year, but what does it really mean?

It’s not just about taking a bubble bath or getting a massage (although those things are wonderful). It’s about making sure you’re taking care of yourself mentally and physically, so you can be the best version of yourself possible.

The problem is that many of us don’t prioritize self-care as much as we should. We feel guilty when we take time for ourselves or feel that we are too busy to prioritize self-care.

It’s time to make you a priority.

We all deserve some time for ourselves!

Self-care isn’t selfish. I repeat. Self-care isn’t selfish.

It is just one way to take care of yourself so that you can take care of others, do well at your job, feel great, stress less… I could go on and on with the benefits!

I’ve made a list of 20 self-care ideas to get the ball rolling on taking care of YOU.

Have fun with this!

  1. Create a bucket list (this is so much fun to do)
  2. Go do something on your bucket list (for example, go visit a new town or a new shop, park, trail, etc.)
  3. Watch a movie from your childhood
  4. Have a solo picnic — outside or in your living room
  5. Make a vision board
  6. Practice self-love affirmations
  7. Bake an indulgent dessert
  8. Buy an indulgent dessert
  9. Buy yourself flowers or pick them if you can
  10. Create a physical photo album. Remember those? Get those photos on your phone printed!
  11. Light a candle, put on some music, and take an Epsom salt or bubble bath (classic self-care, right!)
  12. Dry brush and then massage oil into your skin
  13. Take a walk in a new place and take photographs of the moments and joyful things you see on the walk
  14. Make your favorite meal and share it with someone you care about
  15. Try a new form of meditation, such as Ziva Meditation
  16. Give yourself a facial
  17. Take a nap
  18. Have a solo dance party — this is so energizing
  19. Declutter a small space — you’ll instantly feel better
  20. Take yourself out on a coffee date (my favorite)

I could list 100 more ideas, but that is for a future post. In the meantime, share your best self-care ideas in the comments for others to get inspired by.