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Building Your Own Mental Health Gym At Home: Tips For Making It Perfect For YOU

I recently heard the term mental health gym and was immediately intrigued.

I understand the importance of good mental health and make it a priority as part of my wellness routine.

A mental health gym isn’t the same as going to therapy. Rather, it can be a place to nurture your mental health.

mental health gym is a dedicated facility that provides various programs, activities, and therapies aimed at improving mental well-being. This could include classes, support groups, exercises, and treatments specifically designed to promote and enhance mental wellness.

Some highlights about mental health gyms:

  • They offer consistent and accountable access to personal growth and mental health through classes, support sessions, and exercises
  • The foundations of mental health gyms are to take care of our minds the same way we take care of our bodies (in a proactive way)
  • Mental health gyms are not the same as going to therapy. It’s more for those who are doing well and are seeking happiness and more out of life
  • Mental health gym classes are typically led by certified mindfulness teachers, yoga practitioners, and mental performance coaches

Sounds delightful!

But, what if you don’t have a mental health gym near you or you can’t afford to go to a facility like this?

A mental health home gym might be the way to go! Especially if there are no mental health gyms near you (as with me).I am not an expert on mental health, but over many years I have learned to nurture mine while seeing a therapist as needed.

This is not an alternative to therapy, but rather a complementary practice.

meditation space with candles, smoothie, essential oils for a home mental health gym

Here are some thoughts on how you might set up your mental health home gym:

  • Find a corner of a room or an entire room and begin by adding plenty of greenery. Studies show that indoor plants can enhance mood and cognitive health. It’s okay to use fake plants by the way
  • Add elements to the space for meditation/calm such as a candle, crystals, essential oils, and a meditation pillow or some sort of comfortable and aesthetically pleasing seating
  • Add a yoga mat to your space for a yoga practice, fitness, or simple stretches
  • Add a journal and a pen for your mental health writing practice. If you’re an artist, add a sketchbook and pencil too
  • What positive books can you add to the space? Taking time to read uplifting books is a beautiful way to nurture your mental health
  • Set yourself up for success by having a playlist of calming music, meditations, fitness, and yoga workouts ready to go anytime you settle into your mental health home gym

Make sure to schedule this sacred time for yourself to practice nurturing your mental health.

Share in the comments if you already have a home space like this and what elements you have in your space.

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